Certified Humane® PorkBecause we care about animal welfare

To choose pork that was raised in a humane, respectful manner, place your trust in independent, recognized certification which regularly monitors animal living conditions. DuBreton is North America’s leading producer of organic, Certified Humane pork.

Certified Humane® controls diet, prohibits the use of antibiotics or hormones, monitors breeding and raising conditions to promote animal welfare, through every stage of life.

Farming practices that make all the difference

Controlled diet and breeding

Our grain-fed pigs are raised without the use of antibiotics, hormones, or animal by-products.

Stimulating environments

Hay for foraging and play areas. The idea is quite simple: to allow pigs to be pigs!

Less stressful living environments

Less noisy environments with better air quality.

2 to 3 times more space

Crate-free birthing pen offers the necessary space to encourage natural interactions between sows and their young.

No physical alterations

At duBreton there’s no clipping of teeth and tails, despite this being a widespread practice throughout the industry.

No crates

Our sows are able to move around freely in open, crate-free environments.

Humanely raisedThe label doesn’t tell the whole story.

You buy products that promise natural, humanely raised pork. These claims are often all about marketing.

An eye-catching label is no guarantee of ideal living conditions for the pigs if the farm has not obtained third-party certification.

It’s up to us to bring about changeWith trustworthy certifications that allow for responsible purchasing

Certified Humane®

This certification controls diet, prohibits the use of antibiotics, monitors breeding and raising conditions to promote animal welfare, including available space and resting areas.


One of Canada’s leaders in organic and environmental certification, ECOCERT verifies that products meet organic production standards.

Global Animal Partnership

Global Animal Partnership, whose mission is to establish animal welfare standards, has developed a 5-step animal welfare rating program for livestock destined for food use.